Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remembering Stuart

I composed this poem in March on the day of Stuart's funeral, I'll reposted it here.  I still can not believe that Stuart is no longer with us -- that's just something should not happen but happened untimely. 

Remembering Stuart, 劉大哥:

When I first saw you, we were not yet know each other.
That was during the nuptial mass on your wedding day,
I happened to be the altar boy serving the mass.
I still remember my thoughts: “What a lovely couple God has put together!”
I was lucky to also became a member of the Wang family,
and lucky still to then have you as a big brother!
You are always kind, gracious, and
 considerate to everyone.
You are always the pillar of the family we all look up to for guidance.
We’ll never understand why God would snatch you away so untimely. 
We are all terribly missing your kind voice and smiling face.
Not a consolation, but I know we’ll meet again -- --
in the world ever shall be without end.
So Remembering  until we meet again,
Dear Stuart, our older brother Liu, 劉大哥,
God speed on your new journey and rest in peace!

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