Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A poem by 胡適

Here's a poem by  胡適 which I first read when I was in the first year of senior high school (~10th grade).  I have always remember it but never could find it.  Somehow with the help of Google search I managed to finally rediscovered it today from here :



來了?好呀?”—— 更無别話,説盡心頭歡喜悲酸無限情,








For obvious reason I feel much more deeply about this poetry, I have to save keep it on this blog for now that I have found it!  This is not, as far as I can surmise, one of the most famous works of 胡適.  I have yet to see any one else mention or comment on this poem -- other than what I remembered reading it in my 10th grade text book in Chinese literature 62 years ago.  But it always hangs around in my mind, or in my heart, especially in those last years of my parents' life.  My Mom never say好呀,來了!”I don't really recall what was Mom's first greeting except we always had a hearty hug. But my Dad always greets me with a very pleasantly surprised question "Aeeeh How did you get back?" indicating that he was truly surprised and happy to see me.  Re-read this poem again the two lines give me more sentimental feelings now than when I was in 10th grade are:

—— 更無别話,説盡心頭歡喜悲酸無限情,


I don't think there's a better expression than "説盡心頭歡喜悲酸無限情".  I guess there's one thing Hu and I have in common is that we both are the only son of our mother.  My Mom tended to express her emotion more directly, but I can always sense and echo that  "歡喜悲酸無限情" in my Mom's heart.  I don't think I'll ever be able to sufficiently put in words of the feeling over the years since Mom passed away.  For now, this Hu's poem can be a substitute for me.  I am really happy and thank the Holy Spirit for helping me finding it on the internet. Deo Gratias!

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