Saturday, July 18, 2015

This day!

Now today, July 18, 2015, is one of my birthdays that I never celebrate on this date. On this day, July 18, 80 years ago in 1935, I was born. That day was also 18th day of the 6th month on lunar calendar that day. So in keeping with general Chinese people's customary practice, my parents had been celebrate my birthday one the 18th day of the 6th month in lunar calendar for all the time I was home. The date of July 18th, was mostly ignored or forgotten. Anyway today I noticed and remembered to at least to myself that today I am 80 years old for certain now!

What does a person supposed to think and feel on his own birthday? I have no idea.

I guess first and foremost I would like to thank my dear Mom and Dad, both happily in heaven, for give me this life, brought me up, provided me with the best possible opportunity for education and everything else that I mostly took for granted.  My mind goes back to the early 1950's when I was just starting senior high school, everyone seemed to have a bicycle, I want one too. Despite the severe difficulty of family economics because Dad did not have a regular income at the time, he did managed to get me a bicycle for my personal use! Another time I remember I accompanied Dad to the Bank for some family banking, on the way home I vividly remembered Dad told me that we have great difficulties, but if I should wish to go abroad for higher education, he and Mom will try hard to fulfill my dream. Well now the rest is history, Mom and Dad had fulfilled my dream that led to my life up to now! Thank you so very, very much, Mom and Dad. I owe my whole life, for better or worse, to your loving care.  If I have ever done any thing to make you happy or proud, that's because you have prepared all things well!

Of course, nothing is possible without the help the kind mercy of Almighty God to allow and made everything possible.  I thank the good Lord for everything and dedicate my next 80 years or however length of time He allows to His mercy and love, Deo Gratias!