Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some old memories induced by today's Gospel

Today’s Gospel, Mk 7:31-37,  is a particularly memorable one for me, because that is the one I remembered in one of the Sunday Masses I attended shortly after my baptism in 1950. That Mass was celebrated in that one and only big San-Min Road Catholic Church in Taichung of Taichung Diocese by Father Liu Yu-Sheng, the priest who baptized my Mom.  Father Liu was from the Hunan province with his fairly strong native dialect.  His homily was based on the one line "Ephphatha!"-- that is, "Be opened!" -- (Mk 7:34) which in Chinese says: “開了吧!”.  Father Liu said it slowly which was impressed in me so much that I can still hear it in my mind's ear those three simple words in Hunan-nese dialect.  After over 60 years I am not sure my ear has totally opened for God's teaching yet.  I hope Father Liu will still remembers me and continue pray for me on my ear’s total opening to God.  By the way my Dad was also baptized by a Father Liu, Rev. Liu Teh-tsong in the 1960's in Peitou Catrholic Church.  I was baptized by Father Cheng Wu-Wau a few weeks after my Mom in Taichung. So this sums up some tidbit in my family memory I would like to jot down while my memory is still clear and sharp!  Now here is today's Holy Father's Angelus reflections in English.  Vatican Radio entitled it as "A small word of infinite meaning!" Quite similar to Father Liu Yu-Sheng's preaching 61 years ago when he spoke on " 開了吧!”.

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