Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I am a Catholic convert

I have been a Catholic for practically most of my life. Actually I became a Catholic convert on June 29, 1950  just a few days before my 15th birthday, it was the summer after I finished my first year in Senior Middle School, equivalent to the 10th grade in US system, while I was attending Provincial Taichung First Middle School.

That was about a year after we came to Taiwan from the mainland escaping the Chinese Commie thugs. We settled in the City of  Taichung in the middle region of Taiwan.  One of my Mom's best friend, we called Aunt Yu, who lived nearby was first introduced to Catholicism and she invited my Mom to start learning Catechism with her together.  They became very enthusiasm themselves and also eagerly introduced their love ones to the catechism.  Mom just told me about this young priest named Father Cheng originally from my ancestral Hopei Province that I should meet which I did and also started taking catechism lessons from him.  I was blessed by not having any difficulty accepting the faith teachings in the catechism and Catholicism, so I was baptised by him at the end of the catechism lessons and duly become a Catholic convert ever since!

I still remember that day when I was baptised along a few other catechism classmates by Father Cheng.  He celebrated Mass for us immediately after our baptism in the Taichung cathedral and we all received our first communion that day. That week the Taichung diocese had just welcome in a newly appointed diocesan bishop from US, we also had the opportunity of meeting the new bishop.

All that was over 64 years ago! I can't help wholeheartedly thank God for all the grace and blessings He has given me, mostly I don't deserve. For a number of years I had drifted away become non-practicing, but He did brought me back.  Since I have never having problem with faith, I have never lost faith what so ever. God always closely look after me.  The first time I was in hospital overnight preparing for a surgical operation the next morning, while I was thinking that I really need to have a confession, a young priest appeard at the door.  Because in the forms I filled I indicated that I am a catholic, he noticed it and decided to pay me a visit. I was overjoyed and thankfully immediate asked for a confesson.  God's mercy is always with me!

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